Thursday, August 2, 2018

Made Ya Look

I am gay for my girls LOL. If I could just blog in the nude ... I would be a happy camper. 
When I'm not blogging, I am wearing as few items as I can. 
So this is why I was excited about the very little worn today :)
Good luck to me on not getting banned on FB for this one ...

  • iS Diamond Choker
  • ~GD~ Doll Boutin Vol. I (Baddie Claws) & Doll Boutin Vol. I (Long Coffin)
  • Rosary. Vajazzle @ Mermaid Cove
  • EGOZY Aaliyah applier for GENUS Project
  • *AvaWay* Samantha Panja Bracelet & Ring

Here are some creator HUDs:

Thanks to those who IM me with questions! I love knowing you guys are enjoying my posts!
If you seek any info, contact me in-world or leave a comment :)


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