Sunday, February 24, 2019

Love Potion

So I am actually annoyed that I meant to wear one of these outfits with another outfit … one that has 4 days left in Blogotex … sigh, now I have to come up with something else. 
And now I am currently attempting to find a jacket in the Pseudo store … and it's one hellva struggle … and they don't appear to update their store much either … sigh …
Today is lame.
Enough chatting, time to read the list of goodies below:
Girl 1:
Girl 2:
Here are some HUD examples:

If you need any help with any unlisted items, please contact me inworld @ PrincessAndrea Usbourne or leave a comment.
Additionally, you can reach me on SLFB and Flickr, also.

Okay, gonna go plot on how I can make something with this 4 day deadline I have now *eye roll*
See ya next time!

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