Friday, March 1, 2019

Candy Girl!

Hey guys. Whew, it has been a week so far. 
I'm writing this on a Monday, after I found myself on that website SL Secrets again.
People worry about the dumbest crap, I promise. 
I bought some hair products that were pricey and people are trying to make me feel badly about it? 
LOL. Why do people who mean nothing to me think that their opinion where I spend my money is relevant?
My dead cat calls more shots than they ever could. 
I hope they go back under the rock from where they came from and let me be!
LOL my SL partner said it was fucked up that the moderator of the website chimed in too.
If you didn't know, she is banned from SL and rightfully so. 
So my partner said, "why is she hating from outside of SL? She can't get in!" 
Queue "Look At Me Now" music ...
Girl 1: 
Girl 2:

Here are some HUD examples:

If you need any help with any unlisted items, please contact me inworld @ PrincessAndrea Usbourne or leave a comment. 
Alternatively, you can reach me on SLFB and Flickr, also.

I'm just gonna end with: it's my goal to have a nice experience in SL and on SLFB but if someone comes for me, don't call me a bully when I clap back.
Mama didn't raise a punching bag!
On that note, time for bed so I can go to WORK to make MONEY to spend on what I WANT TO send MY money on.


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