Saturday, March 16, 2019

Little Tea Pots

Hey guys.
Still chilling out, my mother is in town and as I have stated, she doesn't fancy SecondLife so I blogged this outfit like over a week ago but you're just now seeing it today.
I made a post on FB about my mom coming into town and being a little dramatic about having her way so I expect I'll see it on SL Secrets LOL.
Well, wait, I won't see it … I don't read that nonsense any more but I am sure it'll be there.
Have fun talking about me while I keep living my life *wink*
Okay, tangent over!
Go ahead and keep reading to get details!
Girl 1:
Girl 2:

Here are some HUD examples:

If you need any info about any unlisted items, feel free to contact me on SLFB or on Flickr Messages or leave a comment.
You can contact me in - world, too @ PrincessAndrea Usbourne.

Okay, back to getting ready for my visit … or by the time you read this … entertaining my mother.
See ya!

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