Saturday, November 16, 2019

Cherry On Top

Today one of my friend's had his heart broken.
His girlfriend of two years "needed to find herself" ... what a crock of SHIT!
This dude does *everything* for her!
Helped co-sign for her new ass car, does her HOMEWORK.
Gives her a place to stay. I am just flabbergasted.
I wish a dude would do half that shit for me out of love, even if I didn't need it, the gesture alone would be enough.
So I dedicate my blog to my friend today and I hope he stays the good guy he is and doesn't punish a more deserving person because of this dumb ass girl he fell in love with two years ago. 
Anyway, click below to get the details of today's blog :(

Girl 1:

Girl 2:

Here are some HUD examples:

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