Saturday, March 14, 2020

.Sloth Fam.

OMG, a blast from the freaking past happened today!
Someone I was friendly with when I was around 19 or so called me today.
I was in such shock, I could tell her was nervous, because apparently I was a heinous bitch back when I was 19. 
He told me he had been in prison for the last 16 years.
My mind cannot comprehend 16 years locked away. 
He went in when he was 20 and is now 36. It's heart breaking, to be honest.
You do not get those years back. The world keeps spinning while you stand still.
It's a whole new world for him now. I promise to be a good friend and I hope he adapts to the world as it is now and I wish the best for him :)
Anyway, that has NO SL relevancy but meh, it's a blog and I write what I want :)
K, time for SL stuff, keep reading below to get the details!

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