Sunday, March 22, 2020

Trans Parent

Still suffering with some back pain but it is finally beginning to ease up. 
I have missed 2 days of work ... gonna make it a round 3 just because I am still not fit to work like a slave in a Corona Virus filled atmosphere. 
So yes, one more day just to make sure I am ready to return ... oh wait, I have vacation until next Sunday ... haha, so no work for a week, yesssss.
I shit the bed with homework though. I haven't done it the last two weeks.
Its sucks. I was doing fairly okay for online classes. I just ruined it.
I vow to return to my former glory when Spring Break ends. 
I owe it to myself.
Okay thanks for reading the rantings of a lonely Princess.
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Animal Print Jacket:

Black Jacket:

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