Monday, May 11, 2020

Just the Tip

Oh my freaking GOD.
I have friend that I care for but he is a DRAMA FUCKING QUEEN.
Like, I never met a man in my life that was so damn needy, who needed so much affirmation and validation, and get so defensive so easily.
I mean I can say ANYTHING, and he will skew my words to something else I clearly didn't say and I freaking had it!
I went TF off on his ass, but I gave him warning. 
I said, "I am trying to be nice, you have two options, stop with this shit, or leave."
And he chose to keep acting a goddamn fool, so I raised my voice and he got the eff out.
Now I can relax. I had company this weekend and to have company again the very next day, can I get some damn time to myself, Jesus.
Well, now that I am home alone again, I can go back to working and blogging.
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Time for me to cool TF down and relax.

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