Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The blogging gods didn't want me blogging today or something.
My Paint Shop Pro application stopped working so I uninstalled it. 
Then got an error when re-installing!
Since I am not good with Photoshop yet, I hyperventilated at the thought of not using Corel to help me with blogs and I did a FULL master reset on the WHOLE machine in desperation! THEN shitty Comcast had a service outage and all my services were down including the internet. 
On top of all that, my boyfriend had to go to sleep and my clack clack click click of keys and a mouse keep him awake so I had to lay there until he thankfully went to work! So blogging ONSLAUGHT time. 

Well, we have a Xyroom Event upon us again and 

BenS Beauty will be a featured designer.

She's selling "Butterfly Set" which is ideal for mesh tops because all my jewelry goes through my mesh, and this pokes out a bit so it will sit perfectly on top of a mesh top. I wish it had re-size scripts or was modifiable for just textured tops, too, but it's a lovely set altogether. 
Take your TP and check out the goodies!

Shape: .:pink - insidious:.
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*
Clothes: -Glam Affair-, d. Select 
Accessories: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.., Synthetique 

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