Monday, January 28, 2013


 Hey just doing a quick blog so I don't fall behind. Plus I enjoy showing of new gear!

SL Fashion week is here and one participant is

[Crash Republic] with the long, sleeveless shirt "Luna" which is available in many prints and sizes for your custom avatar.
Also new, is the new "Esme" skin by .Rehab! Lemme guess, Twilight.
Anyway, it's nice to see this creator making new skins and I don't know why she has them so cheap. As if we wouldn't pay more. *scoff*
Last, we have the "Army Boot" by << (red)Mint ------->> which are detailed, and come in rigged and non rigged versions. The rigged XXS was HUGE so I went with non rigged on this one, since they're re-sizable. 
Here are your SLURLs!


shape: .:pink - insidious:. - Snide shape [Marketplace]