Sunday, February 7, 2016

Golden Rule

Working hard at catching up as I am behind so to catch up, I am blogging some brand new releases fresh off the 3D Modeling programs.
First for The Instruments, the "Golden Rule" Wrapped Blouse and Metallic Chinos are original mesh by
La Gazza Ladra. They're available in standard sizing only and different colors. 
Worn with the "Golden Rule" are the "Audrey" Heels for The Dressing Room by original creator Phedora. for most popular mesh feet and it comes with a HUD to customize:
Also worn is the "Secret Garden Princess" Top with HUD Applier for Omega and SLink only from **Dirty Princess** which comes in a handful of colors.
Worn also is the "Mesh Ruffled Skirt" by NS:: Cutie Shape which too comes HUD ready and for most popular mesh bodies and standard sizes:
Lastly, worn are the "Maike" heels, again, by Phedora. which are HUD controlled at the main-store
Make sure you pick up a pair, babes!
Well, that's it for now, everyone!
/me waves.

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