Friday, February 19, 2016

Septum Gacha/Hips Don't Lie

I'm not crazy about gatchas but they seem to be really popular and for those who love participating in them, then you'll like your chances with the "Antares", "Capella", "Mira", "Polaris", "Sirius", and "Vega" by

For the septum rings that have diamonds, there's a HUD for it to change the color of the diamond:
I didn't have to do any editing on these, they just attached perfectly.

If you like rocking sub dermal, then check out 
"Darling", "Demoness", "Four / Spikes", "Four / Studs" and "Level II" which come with HUDs (example here) to change color of metals and diamonds.

Time for you to try your luck with the gatcha and don't forget to check out the hip piercings!
Be eazy, folks!

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