Saturday, October 24, 2020

Azul Society

So I tried the new body, the Inithium Mesh Body, and it is beautifully made but the proportions are a little ridiculous. 

The breasts are humongous and I don't normally pass up 50% in breast size but if you make the breast small, they look very, very flat.

I also had my butt on zero and it was still extremely large.

Lastly, the shoulders. I haven't been so disappointed with shoulders since Maitreya ... I mean even Maitreya shoulders look better.

They're about the only thing that's flat on the whole body. Like someone stuck a needle in the shoulder and deflated it. 

I hope they update it ... it sucks though because it's on sale for about 50% off and I'm sure if it's updated, it will be full price but I rather wait for an update and pay more than get it and never wear it because of the breasts and shoulders.

Anyway, that's my assessment of the new Kupra Inithium Mesh Body.

Okay, don't kill me, but do keep reading to get the details of today's look!!

Dark Blue Girl:

Light Blue Girl:

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