Friday, October 9, 2020

Introducing .:the-HAUS:. by Princess Usbourne


I am back in town, but enjoying my blogging break for a few more glorious days.

While on this blogging break, I have been able to start a little store!

I intend to make poses, but right now I'm having a lot of fun making make-up. 

I'm completely new to creating and out of fear of rejection, haven't really marketed my items, but I am still having a blast! 

I intend to make more items before the end of my blogging break, at which time I will need to play catch up, big time.

So this post is just to showcase my noob creations and if you see something you want to try, you have the option to demo it :)

Lastly, I have named all of my creations after great, or influential people in RL and SL, so if you see your name, just know you've left your mark on me, positively :)

Thank you for reviewing my items :)


and lastly, my faves:

All items are linked to their respective pages on Marketplace, but feel free to stop by the in-world store, too by clicking the logo below:

All right, thanks for your time <3

All the love,

Princess Usbourne

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