Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Tricks With Treats

... yeah so I made like a 40% on my Microeconomics test.
See the thing is, I shot myself in the foot.
Usually the answers are copy/paste into Google and boom!
But this time, he made his own questions. 
So they're not in any search engine in the world. 
So I had to actually look stuff up ... and still failed miserably.
And here I thought I would get at least a B in this class. I'm royally screwed.
Anyway, here's blog #2 for the week of my return, I have a few more to churn out, so keep an eye out.
Until then, read the details below to get info on today's look!

Girl 1:

Girl 2:

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Ugh, I am uber depressed, I have to think how to raise my grade!! 
I'll keep ya updated LOL. Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

where are the tights from in this picture?

Princess Usbourne said...

Chameleon and Erratic