Sunday, January 3, 2021


Okay, had time to do another blog ... seeing as I have 4 and 5 days left for some sponsors, AND they require 2-3 posts a month and my dumb ass waited till the end of the month to get to work.
I checked Flickr, I went 8 whole days without blogging.
So I deserve the punishment of working hard to turn everything in before I reach my end of the month deadlines.
So yea ... gonna prepare for my next blog *eyeroll* ... oh and maybe leave 2-3 more groups, too.
I wanna get below a certain number, but I won't say what number cause I don't want y'all knowing how dumb I was to take on so many sponsors all at once!
Alright, keep reading to get the looonnng list of details!!

Bunny Plushie:

Teddy Plushie:

If you see something you like that isn't in this list, it mean's it's not a sponsored item. 
I give 100% focus to Sponsors and only list sponsored items. 
However, do not be discouraged by this! 
I'll be happy to give you the item info if you contact me via Flickr or SLFB Messenger. 
You can also contact me in - world @ Princess Usbourne or by leaving a comment on the blog.
PLEASE DO NOT NOTECARD ME! I have to log into SL to view those!
Ok, thanks for the support and see you next year! Happy New Year!

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