Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm Looking for Sea Men ...

Sea Men ... haha ... get it ... ? /me watches as her joke falls flat ...
Anyway, I am modeling myself in Apple May's new part mesh release called, "Captin." (I think she meant Captain, but shhh, I won't say anything) 
I love the colors and design and the bow on the neck is icing on the cake. I however am not crazy about the boyish hips I am sporting because these mesh pants lack the curves I so badly love to rock. But I'm Princess, I can work with anything. Truth released 3 hair styles today but I am showing "Kalle" with this outfit because I felt they went together so well. Now, back to those Sea Men ... /me fails again ... 

Get the look: 



  • >TRUTH< Kalle -  light blondes (new)
  • [MANDALA]Tukemono Mesh Earrings ./Gold & Silver/ (New) (the Dressing Room!)
  • (new color)[MANDALA]Milky Nails&Rings/Hawthorn RED
  • [MANDALA]Pearl Rain Bracelet/White


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