Thursday, February 15, 2018

Champagne Mami

*Clink* A toast! ... to ... I don't know what ... friendship ... no wait, EVENTS!

Yes, leave your platform and travel to Frou Frou if you haven't already and check out the new, two piece, original mesh "The Rosie" Lingerie from 

#LANA which is available for your mesh body (yes, other than *just Lara*) and comes in the colors here:

You can also change the colors of the diamonds.
For the AnyBODY event, [ Y U M Z ] has released the three piece "Pure Love" Bra & Panties and it comes fitted for most mesh bodies (NOT JUST LARA!) and you can find it in the colors below:
The HUD lets you color change to your preferences.
By ::ROC::, the "Mary Jane" heels come in the colors shown here:

Okay well that ends this blog, everyone. 
Have fun shopping around!

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