Friday, February 16, 2018

Jun, the Geisha

I'm going to start by saying I got this outfit idea by Alice Arun, who is the best blogger in SL and here is her blog URL: Vicio SL
Okay, now that props have been given, let's begin.

Hi everyone! Bento is out and changing the face, literally, of SL!
One brand that's been around for years has released a deluxe bento mesh head! 
The brand name is 

There are 3 new releases: Jun, Brenda and Beatriz.
I am blogging Jun today, which looks like an Asian face by default.
The skin is preloaded with 10 different tones. 
You'll find: Mesh Head, Mesh Eyes, Mesh Braces (for your teeth), Mesh Tongue Piercing, Eyes and Lips Layer, 2 Shapes (which I prefer the one I made), Head HUD, Animation HUD, Teeth HUD (Plus Vampire and Monster teeth), 2 Eyebrow Shapes (I preferred my own) and a developer kit.
The HUDs are shown below:  
I decided to wear a different skin than what was provided, which is from Pink Fuel. 
I will say the "Shine" option is the best I've seen in SL and I didn't see the option until after I made this blog, but I will capture it in the other heads. 
I couldn't figure out how to tint the eyelashes so I am wearing attached ones.
I need more practice with the HUDs and AKERUKA heads and settings. 
I want to thank the [AK] Team for giving me a chance to experience their new Deluxe Bento Heads.
Alright, it's bed time, all. 
Have fun with your new AKERUKA head!

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