Monday, February 26, 2018

Flash Like It's Mardi Gras

... girl take off your bra ... I'll post the song I am singing at the end of this post ... if I can.
Yeah so, more from the *strip me* queen of SL! 
Make sure to head to Whimsical and try on the "Blossom Dress" and "Blossom 'Roses & Unicorn Horn' Harness" (separates) by 

* Vanilla Bae * ... click on the dress, or have your man click on it and watch pieces fall away *wink wink*

Cosmopolitan is wrapping up and so if "Britney Body & Skirt" isn't there at the event, stop by the  ⧝Seniha.Originals⧝ main-store and try a demo. 
It has a flirtatious gap that shows off your sexy butt cheek in the back *rawr* 

By ::ROC:: the "Soft Rock Pump - Clover" and "Single Strap Heels" are for your mesh feet and come HUD ready with an assortment of colors:

Last but not least! By CHAIN, the "Daddy's Girl Choker" is the Group Gift for February.

Tech N9ne is my favorite rapper and if you like that genre, press play and jam out!
Find happiness today!

The end.

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