Thursday, February 22, 2018


Another day, another blog and another event ... or two.

By now, everyone has visited Frou Frou but if you forgot the "Diamond Bra & Harness" with the "Bandeau Short" lingerie by

*Insomnia Store* then I suggest you take the SLURL I provided and grab a sexy set!

It comes in the colors below:
For the newest round of Tres Chic, "Risque Lingerie" by [[ Masoom ]] comes in 3 pieces with diamond and clothing HUDs:

Lastly, make sure to join the #EMPIRE group so you can get all of the group gifts!
Shown are the "Wandflower" and "Geranium" for your mesh feet.

Okay, make sure to contact me if you need details about any other items shown.
Have a good day, everyone.

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