Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I wanna scream from the mountain tops! I am DONE with Whore Couture!
I'll never apply to another fair again.
To celebrate the end of WCF, I am wearing EVERYTHING NOT from there :-D
New releases from 

* .:: deeR ::. * I am wearing the new "Open Vest tweaked" which is pretty awesome.

You can opt to wear jacket alone, or shirt alone or remove the outside jacket-pockets. 
HUD control to select Shirt/Jacket combination. See below.

Also from * .:: deeR ::. *, the "Vanha" shoes which are also HUD controlled and I'll make sure to take a pic from a different angle next time, but here is the HUD:
The HUD makes it highly customizable to your preferences.
The "Cross 2" earrings are new and from ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. 
Pose by PrincessMode @ Pink Insidious "Devilish" for Designer Circle #50

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