Thursday, March 28, 2013

Zipper Club

 Howdy folks! Got some new goodies to show off! I'll start off with this hot new "Zipper Club" dress that almost got my avi laid by 

* .:: deeR ::. * that comes with the several color options and LOLAs options via HUD shown below: 

This HUD helps guide you to customizing your dress and breast appliers. Pretty bad ass.
Also worn by * .:: deeR ::. * are the "Galaxy" stilettos and the new "Vanha" shoes which are BOTH mesh AND HUD manipulated as well.
The tattoo worn is called "INKED UP" and is by .:SS:. Spearsong and comes in 3 different shades of light to dark. 
Lastly, "Audrey Muse" necklace and rings are new by ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. 
Happy shopping everyone!

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