Monday, March 25, 2013

Heart in Chains

 This is coming late, my apologies. I just kind have been sitting on it, incomplete for 2 weeks. 
But I decided to push it out before the event of Whore Couture ends. 
Yes, this is my final post for the event which ends March 31st, so if you haven't walked the SIMs yet, you've got a few more days.
Well, this outfit is majorly awesome from

...::: Scrub :::... because "Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down" is 100% rigged mesh, even the chained garters that connect the boots to the corset. 
I got so many IMs when I wore this out and dropped so many LMs, so make sure to give it a try, it's really rad! 
Check it out at The Whore Couture Fair!

Also worn is the "Posture Collar" by (red)Mint which is HUD controlled with several color options.
Okay, take care everyone!

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