Friday, January 31, 2014


  Hi guys. 
Got some recent releases for you all!
I'll start off with the original mesh "Long Sleeve Grunge" sweater and "Denim Hipster" shorts by 
{ d o l l l e* } which were exclusive for the Hipster Fair! 

You will find several colors for your preferences.
Also worn is the way cool "Chic" jacket by NS:: Cutie Store which is HUD manipulated: 
Also by  NS:: Cutie Store are the "Crazy" jeans (grey) and the cool "The Round Glasses" which also come with a HUD: 
Lastly, the new "Cancun" heels from Essenz are lovely and come with a HUD to customize to your avatar:

"Sleazy" poses by Princess Mode @ Pink Insidious [Marketplace]
Okay, on to the next blog folks! 

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