Thursday, January 22, 2015


Howdy folks!
I am having fun learning about the Utilities HUD that I didn't know existed with mesh products that allow appliers.
I've been wearing mesh hands for 2 years ... had no clue there was a Ultilites HUD. 
So I appreciate the help from Josie Mikado for helping my noob self, and now I get to blog the applier items for mesh hands and bodies, YAY!
So I'll begin with the new "Karok" tattoo appliers for my SLink mesh hands from Josie Mikado, creator of 

They come with tint options from light to medium to dark.
All (most) of her creations come with SLINK, Wowmeh and Lena appliers.
Also from ϯωιѕϯєȡ вαявιє™ is the sheer "Britany" top which is also comes with appliers.
Felt kinda fun exposing myself in the Mayfair SIM today :-D
Also shown are the new "Baggy Pants" from Fraise which come in a handful of colors and of course, standard sizing.
Lastly, for The Showroom, the original mesh (yassss) "Cut Out Ankle Boots" by GARBAGGIO come in all the colors shown below on the HUD:
If you don't know, know you know! I am a crazy original mesh fanatic and appreciate people's originality.
I am pleased to show products from GARBAGGIO.
Pose and shape shown are "Pesky" from .:pink-insidious:. [marketplace]
Okay I am going to go shopping.
You all be well!

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