Monday, January 19, 2015


Hey peoples!
I am heading to bed but before I do so, I wanted to share a new release from our good creators on the grid.
One of them being 
This is the "Zhara" Leather Jacket, which comes in many dark colors and of course, all sizes. 
Go bare like me or make it even more unique by adding a shirt or bra underneath. 
Also worn are the ass hugging, mesh "Leggings" from Bueno that I'll never take off again.
Mesh created to give hips and ass to your avatar. I'm all for that!
Lastly, the new mesh "Bruna" boots from S H E Y. come with two HUDs for some odd reason.
To my utter disappointment, I discovered these were originally full perm mesh. 
Sigh, I need to get over that original mesh obsession I have. 
After all, I can't create a thing in SL. 
Pose used is from the "Pesky" set from PrincessMode @ Pink Insidious [marketplace].
Okay, bed time, people!
/me waves goodnight!

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