Thursday, January 15, 2015


Hey you!
Yeah, you!
Come on over here and check out the newest hoodie skating into town!
Yes, I'm showing the newly released "Neko Hoodie" dress from the original mesh creator 

{ d o l l l e* } which comes in several pastel tones for you to choose from.
Also included with each hoodie are fitted mesh versions, SLInk version and standard sizing.
Also worn are the "High Leggings" from [whatever] which come in applier versions for all of you up-to-date, modern ladies.
But worry not, legacy toons have the layers also available to wear.
Lastly, the new "Sarika" Ice Skates by S H E Y by Moi come with a HUD and blade options:
Well, until next time readers!
/me skates away.

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