Wednesday, June 10, 2020


I dedicate this blog to my best friend, my love, my brother and my soulmate, Daniel.
We met when I was 12 and have grown up together for the last 23 years. 
I've (sometimes at a distance) watched him mature with a wisdom beyond his years, become a first time home-owner, finish school, get married and start a beautiful family.
I know his life isn't perfect, but to me, it's the closest thing to perfection.
In addition to all of his accomplishments as a husband, father and in his career, he represents the beauty of the GLBTQ community and because of him, I am a fierce ally and defender.
No man is worthy of me if he cannot accept my bestfriend's marriage/family because I am a package deal.
Anyway, before I start getting emotional, I am gonna wrap it up, but I wanted everyone to know about my beautiful best friend <3 who is GLBTQ thus, makes me apart of the community as well.

Unicorn Girl:

Ally Girl:

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I give 100% focus to sponsored items, but do not be discouraged by this! 
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Daniel Rodriguez said...

I'm not crying, you're crying! It warms my heart reading this. I haven't seen you in forever and I'd thought you'd forgotten alllll about me (I know, I know, pandemic and all). Miss you, lovey. Cheers to our lifelong (and beyond) friendship!

Princess Usbourne said...

You’re unforgettable, silly.
I was teary eyed when writing this, myself, and I’m glad you saw it. LoL I had no idea you read the blog, I’m glad someone does ❤️ I miss you too and always want to come by but yes, I would be ruined if I brought something to you guys, so I always talk myself out of asking for an invitation.
I do hope to see you soon though, too much time has passed.
Cheers to us ❤️❤️