Sunday, June 21, 2020

Work Flow

My SL Partner TPed on me when I was blogging this and she said "wow, you look great. You look like you're ready for an interview."
Thank you! 
Maybe I can take some tips when ever I start the job hunt in the future.
A close friend of mine quit his job after 15 years because of the state of his mental health when he was at work.
While the thought is terrifying, I can respect someone for protecting their mental health from a jonw here they're unappreciated. 
He has everything in the world in his favor so I know he will be successful and happier with his future pursuits.
Now, if I was into role-play, I would be hitting up some job interviews ... but since I'm not, I'm just gonna take this off and go dress for my next blog!

Tablet Girl:

Coffee Girl:

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All right, as always, thanks so much for the support <3

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