Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Girl U Like

Man, it's been such a shit show with this whole Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter issue.
I have really been seeing the ugly in people ... in people I didn't expect to see it in, at that.
The world is changing, the US is angry ... people of color are angry because they want to stop dying because they're black and the majority (Caucasians) are trying to make it about them, make themselves the victim or deflect. 
Not all, of course. But all deflection and anger at POC's rage is from mostly white.
I've seen so much bullying from both sides, people threatening to kill themselves, etc.
It's a stressful time and I see this going on long term and worsening.
I am not personally affected yet ... and I am not looking forward to it when I am.
It's the end of the world, I swear.
Anyway ... just writing my thoughts down, I'll get to the blogging part now.

Girl 1:

Girl 2:

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Pray for the world.
See you all next time :)

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