Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eye of the Tiger

FML, it's been one HELL of a stressful two days. I couldn't bother myself to blog.
1st - my brother and his girlfriend thought it was okay to not work and stay stoned all day and resulted in BOTH their vehicles being repossessed. 
So the burden of my playing Taxi in my own car has fallen on me. 
My boyfriend is leaving to go back home to go to school so we'll be separated indefinitely, and a friend who has lost his mind keeps harassing me via text and I want to find him and make him bite a curb.
Yes, stressful.
They say exercise and jogging can help with stress and anger. 
So I have on my jogging suit. 
I want to apologize to the creator of these mesh pants because I did contrast so damn much, I completely bled out the design in these sweats from 

 Crash Republic called "Baggy Sweats" which are located at the Jersey Shore location for Grenade Free Wednesdays.

There are sporty lines running down the right leg. 
My head is so far up my ass, I didn't even notice until the photo was complete. 
Here is a raw photo of how the sweats SHOULD look. 

I'll be more conscious about dumb ass mistakes like that.
Okay, I am going to go punch a wall.
Take care, readers.

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