Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Freakum Dress

What a long day it has been!
Spend it with my mother. Then on the way home, my tire blew out.
But I'm tough as nails and changed it out in no time and was on my way.
So I'm doing my first post of the day - at the end of the day. 
Oh wells.

Well, the creator who doesn't buy ready made meshes or use images from Google and hand crafts all of her goods, therefore setting her apart from many other wonderful designers, and making her bad ass would be 
MonCheri's own Freya Olivieri!!

I bring to you the "Fitted Dress" in over 13 colors so there is a color for *everyone* yippie!!

So boys and girls, stop by MonCheri and get your own "Fitted Dress" in your favorite color!

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