Monday, June 25, 2012

Taste the Rainbow

Howdy y'all.
I'm doing what I do and that's showing you new stuff!
We will start off with the store that almost left us!!!
Luckily Isabelle Requiem had a change of heart (I'd've been devestated) and kept working on her store 
Crash Republic and has released a nice summery set in many different colors named "Dipped Tube" and "Ombre" skirts and if youre creative unlike me, you might try to mix and match them!
BenS Beauty has also released the pixel mosaic looking earrings called "Tanyeli" which are available at the Mainstore!
Lastly, for the upcoming GFW, we have the newest face from Step Inside and her name is "MALIKA". My favorite part about this skin are the lips. They're realistic!

Mucho goodies, make these SLURLs useful and hit 'em!

[Accessories from: Maxi Gossamer]

[Thank you to the supporters for their generosity!]

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