Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Midnight Swim

I remember going skinny dipping with friends.
Man, I used to have a great life. Now I am glued to this God forsaken PC all day.
SL will be my ruin!!
But until then, I am taking my avatar on a midnight swim!

I'm showing off the new, classy yet sexy, vintage one piece swim suit from the fabulous
Freya Olivieri! These suites are appropriately called "Vintage Swimsuit" and come in 10 different colors and styles!

Also, my friends at HANDverk, busy as every, of course, have created a 3 piece furniture set called "Kelp Chair Set" for the Stumblebum Event going on until June 30th and is 25% regular price! It's highly detailed with starfish & sea horses! 10+ different chair sits for singles and even couples! Twas perfect for my midnight moon tan!

Next time maybe one you will join me on my Midnight Swim!

Shape.:pink - insidious:. "Devilish" .:: Designer Circle ::.
HairTameless Hair Vix
AccessoriesMG - Roho - GOLD
Swimwear*MonCheri* Vintage Swimsuit
SandalsJ's FlipFlop & BareFoot Flower 

[Many thanks to the designers for their ongoing trust and support!]

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