Friday, June 15, 2012

Post Apoc

Smello, all.
I'm presenting some nice, new gear from some of my favorite designers. So let's begin!

This has been all over the blogging boards but the great thing about 
Chronokit's "Summer Set" is the versatility, different options and patterns, you can customize your own look to your avatar!
Shorts, cardigan and tank top, wear 'em how ya want!
There's a new shoe shop in town, boys 'n gals! J's! I'm loving the quality! I'm wearing J's "Short Laceup" boots, which comes in 12 colors and comes with male/female versions!  
Lastly, I happened upon a cosmetic shop called LLQ, and God knows I'm a make-up fiend. It gives everyone a chance to look different from every other Sally, Sue and Jane in Secondlife. 
That's what we want, individuality. So get your own look by visiting LLQ. Her newest release is "Lise" lipsticks and I am wearing the "Play" color. 

Get the Look:

 .:pink - insidious:. "Devilish" shape for .:: Designer Circle ::. [NEW]
[LLQ] Lise Lipstick  [NEW]
[trs] Frangipani Arms Tattoo  [NEW]
Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes (Hazy Rainshower)  [NEW]

.ploom. Flint hair  [NEW]
[HANDverk] Octopussy Jewelry [NEW for Stumblebum] 
.:[RatzCatz]:. Finger Nails v1
ShadZ - FOR SALE - Classic 

*chronokit* Culottes Sarrouel Pants  [NEW]
*chronokit* Tanktop02 Plain  [NEW]
*chronokit* Summer Cardigan  [NEW]
J's Short Boots Laceup (12Colors)  [NEW]

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