Friday, December 25, 2015


 Good day readers and shopping addicts.
I've got more new gear, of course, to inform you about.
From my a long time favorite, the "Panic Dress" by

.:Ducknipple:. is HUD controlled 

to pick a color and also comes in fitted mesh and compatible for your mesh bodies.
Worn also are the new "Milena Socks Heels" by Phedora for which also are HUD controlled 
 to fully manipulate the color and style for mesh bodies out there for Frost Fair 2015
My accessories are the necklace"Aletta" by and the "Bernadette" which is a free group gift from TRUTH HAIR.

For the look on the right, I'm wearing mesh "Sunglasses"  and "Mesh Padded Jacket" by NS:: which too, is HUD controlled for your personal style:
I've added the "Leggings" by KENVIE and were featured during Winter Trend 2015 (not sure if it's still on-going) also ready for your mesh body.
Lastly, from ::ROC:: , the "High Heel Winter Boot" are great the season and the cool weather and allow you to pick a color with your HUD: 
All right, that't it for now. Ta-ta!

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