Saturday, December 5, 2015


 Mesh hair yay!
An SL necessity! Well, I am wishing a happy birthday to one baby hair store who has improved over time!
This is the 3rd year of 

.:{Rumina}:. and they've released a new hair style named "Leah" as a free gift. 
It comes with textured hair bases (I can't wear them because of my mesh head), and a pony tail only option, as well.
Here is the HUD:

You can add streaks and since this HUD takes up entire screen, there is an "off" button to minimize it without having to close it. 
Good work, Malia Actor and we look forward to future creations!
That's all folks! 
Skin applier "Faiza" by EGOZY.
That's all folks!

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