Thursday, December 24, 2015

Makena 2.0 Honest Review by Genesis Lab

(raw shot)
Hey all. 
I am doing this blog review, unbiased and uninfluenced because I purchased this mesh head, it wasn't sent to me, so my review is true and forthcoming. 
As I stated in a previous blog, I am transitioning to darker tones because everywhere I look, I see pale and washed - out looking avatars, and no one, absolutely no one, stands out nowadays. 
I personally am African American in real life and I have decided to embrace that in both worlds because I mean, look at this face!! Sooooo beautiful. Those kissable lips and gorgeous face made me shell out $L2,500. 
What you're looking at is the stunning "Makena" by 

Genesis Lab, of course, as they're notorious for their beautiful faces. 
"Makena" comes in two tones, Chocolate and Toffee (I don't care for the latter) and some make up options, brows, freckles, moles, hair bases, blinking options, eye opening options with the HUD: 

Something is missing, however, right?
I'll wait and see if figure it out.
Okay, in case you haven't figured it out: expressions!
No where, I mean NO WHERE, on the store vendor does it state this is a static mesh head!
You see anything on here stating that it's static? Cause I don't see that.
The demo comes with the head, eyes and an alpha. 
The demo does NOT come with a demo HUD. 
Thus, making you completely unaware that this beautiful face is expressionless!
After you spent around $10.00 USD, you see that she doesn't do anything. 
She doesn't even look around. My ANYPOSE HUD could not change the direction of her eyes, which means she's limited to what poses you can use while photographing her, unless you attach 3rd party eyes. 
At least the LOGO (Alex, Sadie and Chloe) mesh head (approximately the same price), which also comes with mesh eyes that don't respond to ANYPOSE, comes with a HUD to manipulate eye direction.
Did Genesis Lab intentionally leave out a demo HUD to mislead shoppers into thinking they were getting more bang for their buck?
Even the newly released Lelutka Mesh head, which is *also* $L2,500 comes with EXPRESSIONS!
Yes, I am making comparisons, especially when you're unaware of what you're actually purchasing.
And I was hoping it was just a demo/texture issue, but it appears the actual face's beautiful, full lips comes with this white dot dab smack in the middle of her upper lip:
Simply put, this head appears unfinished and thank goodness the make ups hide this flaw:
On a positive note, the body appliers HUD, rather accidental and unbeknownst to the creator, or purposefully, do come compatible for most mesh bodies and is $L0 as of this posted review:
In conclusion, I do adore Genesis Lab's work and so does the rest of SL. 
But, I cannot deny my disappointment in not educating buyers before they make a large purchase, expecting one thing but unfortunately getting another. 
I hope "Makena" is re-released as a 3.0 with some updates ... otherwise, folks might take their $L2,500 to Lelutka or LOGO. 
Thank you readers and be vigilant and cautious shoppers!

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