Thursday, December 17, 2015

Holiday Buddies

I'm not big on celebrating the holidays but this sweater was so cute that I couldn't resist. 
I have the "Mesh Winter Hoodie" which comes with sizes for most mesh bodies by

It's HUD controlled to select which pattern you like most:
Paired with the "Mesh Winter Hoodie" sweater are the "Aztec" leggings for Winter Trend, by original mesh creator KENVIE which also is rigged for mesh bodies as well and to finish the festive outfit are the "Xmas Snow Boots" which are also by SLOCCA mesh designer ::ROC::.
They're HUD controlled:
Another original mesh creator, [LAKSHMI], has released the two piece "Vivi Top & Skirt" for major mesh bodies in several colors for COSMOPOLITAN.
Here is a HUD for modifying your outfit:
And for the Arcade, the "Suede Boots" by * Mon Cheri * also fit your mesh avatar legs.
I love that designers are going in this direction and away from basic standard mesh sizes.
Okay, that's all folks!

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