Thursday, March 8, 2018

Alessa Couture

Skin Fair, ya bishes!!
Woot! First I want to make sure I thank the lovely and talented Nena Janus for her generosity in allowing me to wear her creations! 

Yes, you're looking at the most recent creation from

"Alessa" can be found at the Skin Fair 2018. The shape is most stunning on Greer (LeLutka) but it works beautifully on all of the heads I tried. 
Eyebrows, make up, and freckle options are available in the HUD.
I also picked up the most loveliest set of eyebrows I've ever seen:
I am pretty picky about my brows but these just did it for me so they became the first set I ever used.
RUN to Skin Fair 2018 and pick up all these goodies by *League* Skins.
Another popular event, Whore Couture Fair 8 is still booming.
*Insomnia Store* has released the "Diamond Pantyhose Set" which comes with sexy panties and there are also matching "Diamond Strap Pumps" heels. 
And finally, the new round of Kinky Event features the "Hazel Top" by [Masoom] and you'll find a HUD similar to this:

It comes fitted for your mesh body and you can also change the metals.

Okay I think that takes care of everything!
Happy event shopping, addicts.

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