Monday, March 5, 2018

Anastasia's Bae

Hey dolls! Events galore! I think I may be getting addicted to these things now. 
I used to hate them but not so much anymore. 
Hopefully, you like them too. Make sure you stop by two events on your shopping trip. 
The first place is Doll House which is finally open and will close the 20th. 
A lot of great creators have come together for some hot gear! 

You'll find the *strip me* series "GIANNA DRESS" by original mesh creator 

* Vanilla Bae * which comes in Latex, Metallic and Dolls colors/textures.

Here is an example of the VB HUD:
For the next round of Kinky Event, JF DESIGN is releasing the "Anastasia" top and bottoms which is for Belleza and Lara only and has a HUD to change the metals. 
It's definitely cute as hell.

If there are additonal items that you'd like info for, make sure to comment or IM me in-world.

Do something that brings you happiness today!

Until next time!

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