Saturday, March 24, 2018


Hi all! 
Bento is still taking over the grid and a long time mesh head designer keeps bringing on the mesh bento heads!

I am showing "Rachel" by

[AKERUKA] Deluxe.
Included with the head is:
- Mesh Head
- Mesh Eyes
- Mesh Braces
- Alpha file
- Head Shape 
- Head HUD
- Animation HUD
- Teeth HUD
- Eyebrow Shaper
- Mesh Tongue piercings
- Body Skin to match the head skin that come on your HEAD HUD.
- Designer KIT 

[AKERUKA] Deluxe made some video tutorials to help you to get in touch with your new head.
You can watch them by visiting their website here: 


Check out the HUDs below:

Also shown is the March Group Gift "Flash Ring Set" by CHAIN.

And that concludes this posting today.

Find something that makes you happy today.

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