Friday, March 9, 2018

Viva La White Girl II

I think I am gonna start blogging in all white. It's kind of fun to me. 
Anyway, Whore Couture 8 has been going on for about a week and hopefully you heaux are able to get in now. 

If you missed the new "Misha" and "Bellaroux" from
[YumZ] then I need you to take the SLURL and head back!

Don't worry, there are more than white colors there :)
Paired with "Misha" and "Bellaroux" are the cute "Virginie" boots by [Enchante'] (Lara only, boooo) at Rewind: A 90's Throwback Event and the body stomping "Marcienne Boots" (for popular mesh bodies) at Cosmopolitan Fair, also by [Enchante'].

The "Debby Chains" are by * Vanilla Bae * for your mesh body.
Okay, Whores, stay sexy!

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