Friday, March 2, 2018

The Victoria

Hi all.
This sexy ass "The Victoria Bodysuit" is being blogged a little late because I waited for the bra that goes with it to be sent to me and it never was soooo I went ahead and blogged it without the bra that comes with it.

Okay with that being said, "The Victoria Bodysuit" is right now at Tres Chic but I expect will be in the 

#LANA Main-store soon. "The Victoria Bodysuit" is a collaboration with The Beauty Factory, hence the bra being a separate add on. 
There is a HUD to change the suit colors and the diamond colors.

It's for Maitreya only right now but LANA's Flickr said she's updating it for the women who prefer curves.
Ooooh, yeah ... I said it.

Okay well that is it folks, get your sexiness on and find something today that makes you happy.

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