Friday, March 30, 2018

René of the Jungle

Mesh heads are flooding the market with so many options.
One brand keeps glowing up with every release and I am thrilled to be apart of the journey!

Today, you're seeing the newest release for the 

~uber Event~ which is up and ready for your to visit if you haven't already. 
Her name is René [AK Deluxe] by AKERUKA
Here are some details about these heads and what the unpacked folder contains:
- Mesh Head, Mesh Eyes, Mesh Braces, Alpha file, Head Shape, Head HUD, Animation HUD, Teeth HUD, Eyebrow Shaper, Mesh Tongue piercings, Body Skin and Designer KIT (with scripts,  instructions, rezzable and 2 notecards with the download link to the UV maps).
Here is a peek at the HUDs: 

Make sure to try a demo!

Also worn is the sexy "Asymmetric Disco Dress" by *Insomnia Store* which comes with panties and pasties, too.

If you want additional details about anything shown, I am a message away :)

Have a bright and happy day, everyone!

- Princess Out -

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