Monday, July 6, 2020

Hoe Chella

You ain't gonna believe this.
So, I have a very nice, new car. 
I've done pimped this thing TF out. 
Neons, illegal tint, bad ass subs in the trunk, neons for the interior floor, custom mats, dash cam, the works.
I recently moved into what I thought were luxury apartments.
I had my suspicions soon though after I saw hoodlums sagging their pants so low I could see the crack of their asses through their boxers.
Swarms of young men in groups which made me uneasy, noisy kids running, fights all hours of the night, repeat visits from the police.
Tell me why the fuck after 2.5 months here in this ghetto ass neighborhood, I hear my friend banging on my door at 10am to tell me my fucking car is sitting on goddamn bricks.
They also tried to break into my car by damaging the passenger door panel, weren't able to for whatever reason, so instead stole all my goddamn rims/tires.
I knew I lived among a bunch of low life, good for nothing hood rats, but I didn't expect I would be victimized by them.
Two days later and my throat is still hoarse from nonstop screaming from the violation I feel and feeling like a rat in a cage ... cause I signed a 15 month lease.
I am currently either trying to get a garage (150$ a month at reduced cost) to HIDE my car into, or they (property management) needs to sever my lease and let me get the hell out of this ghetto ass neighborhood. 
I expect the latter will be happening.

At present I am driving a nice 2020 Camero, and I am walking outside all hours of the night with my gun to make sure the "my baby didn't do nuffink" asshole thugs aren't dismantling my rental.
If they are, I'm looking forward to laying them out with my .45 ... which gun fire is a normal thing for them anyway.

So I will just write the updates as they occur.

Stay continued for my drama as it unfolds, here at Haus of Fashion!

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Anyway, I hope I will bring good news to you all about getting my ass outta Dodge, soon!
Thanks for reading :) 

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