Saturday, July 11, 2020

Put That in Your Pipe ...

Man so Covid is messing up my Puerto Rican plans!!
I don't like the idea of United Airlines filling up the planes!
Additionally, with Covid running rampant again, what if everything in PR is closed?
I want to sight see! Eat, drink!
I've never been before, and it may or may not even happen now, thanks to this 2nd wave. 
And if it *does* happen, I won't get the full blast of it in Condado, which is like Miami Beach.
What piss poor timing :( So yeah, I'm no longer going to get excited about my travels.
Thanks a lot to all the maskless fucks who couldn't bear the idea of wearing a mask to protect themselves and others around them.
Anyway, I don't wanna dwell any longer at the moment so let's move onto the fashion part of the blog.

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