Sunday, July 19, 2020

My Eternal Chase

So I reached out to a certain someone and I unexpectedly heard from them. 
I asked them if they wanted me to cease communication or if they wanted to keep socializing.
This person never really answered but continued to communicate with me so I assumed that was their way of indirectly telling me they wanted to keep communicating.
Then after about a week, I noticed the messages got shorter and less frequent. 
This is a repeated pattern from this person from the very beginning so I fell back.
Then yesterday, they told me they weren't interested in communicating with me anymore.
Why didn't they say that when I asked them a week ago if they wanted me to stop contacting them.
Why did it take a week for them to decide "oh never mind, I don't want shit to do with her."
This person will forever remain a mystery to me. I can't deny, that move they've pulled so many times still stung, though.
So ... here I am again ... wondering what I said/did wrong and just going to have to keep moving forward as I always am forced to when it comes to dealings with this individual. 
All right, now I got that off my chest, we can get to the blogging stuff.

Girl 1:

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Well ... on with life, I guess.
Take care for now.

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