Friday, April 13, 2012

Boy Do I Love Freebies

Because I spend a ridiculous amount of my RL money on blogging, it's nice when some quality free stuff comes my way. 
Hucci dropped on us today, the "Tank Dress" an April Gift plus a boat load of images for their new releases which are the same dress, just textured differently. Also, I paired it with a free gift from Crystal Line, the "Cherry Pierce" earrings which are completely texture changeable. Very nice to be so darn free. 
Lastly, I said it yesterday, I keep it real. I bought this skin from Vershe, called " Andrea" during the Whore Couture fair last month because Andrea happens to be my middle name,  and while posing I noticed seams. Really noticeable seams.
(raw photo)

It's really disappointing when I pay my money and don't get the quality I expect. And hell no, I couldn't make a better one. That's why I don't release skins. They're not perfect, and they should be before asking for money for them. 
Okay enough of my sopaboxedness. 

Get the look: 

*VERSHE* Andrea: PinkPink (Deep)
.:pink - insidious:. - Cunning shape
*REDGRAVE* Eyes + Eyelashes -Goldsparkle-
*BOOM* Liquid Glaze
- DAMNED - Alice Lipsticks 

((Crystal Line))Cherry Pierce D(group Limited) (free)
The Sea Hole - Corsage Ring, Bangles, & polish set - Noir
>TRUTH< Andrea -  dark browns
Initial Necklace Silver [P]  -RYCA-

::HH:: Hucci Tank Dress - April Gift (free)
N-core EMPORIUM "Pink" (newest release)

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